2019 Autism Conference

Topics and Themes

According to the CDC, 1:59 people are diagnosed with Autism, which affects the way they process, communicate and socialize within society.

Like years past, the 2019 Autism Conference aims to provide information, tools, and strategies in order to support autistic individuals across the lifespan. We do our best to highlight the voices of autistic people while focusing on the importance of neurodiversity.

Paticipants will explore such topics as:

  • Supporting autistic students in general education and differentiated instruction
  • Behavior intervention and Self-Management
  • New Skills Acquisition
  • IEP development
  • Assistive/Augmentative Communication
  • Social skills and relational skills
  • Leveraging community supports
  • Guardianship and supported decision-making
  • Employment
  • Ableism and inequality
  • Signs/Symptoms, early diagnosis
  • Writing/Typing strategies
  • Sensory strategies

Keynote Speaker

Location and Venue

Savannah Convention Center
Savannah, GA

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