Daniel Wendler


Daniel is currently working toward a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. After being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in high school, Daniel says that he started teaching himself social skills the same way one might learn a foreign language. Daniel is the author of “Improve Your Social Skills” and “Level Up Your Social Life: The Gamer’s Guide to Social Success.” Daniel has also published a marketing guide for therapists titled “Clicking with Clients: Online Marketing for Private Practice Therapists.” These titles are all available through Amazon.  His TEDx talk, “My Life With Asperger’s” has been viewed over 330,000 times.



 Breakout session (3 hrs):



Title: Find Your Place of Belonging

Purpose Statement: Daniel will discuss strategies for how people on the autism spectrum can find and choose communities where they welcomed and feel a sense of belonging.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will gain a first-hand understanding and appreciation of belonging through experiential activities that inspire belonging and connection among breakout session attendees
  2. Participants will understand the challenges that make belonging difficult for many autistic people, and learn strategies that autistic people can use to overcome these challenges.
  3. Participants will learn how parents, professionals, and other allies can support autistic individuals in finding communities where they belong, and how autistic individuals can find allies and mentors who will provide them with this support.